Horween Chromexcel Magnetic Key Chain
Horween Chromexcel Magnetic Key Chain
Horween Black Dublin Magnetic Keychain
Horween English Tan Dublin Magnetic Key Chain
Horween Magnetic Key Chain Around Belt
Horween Magnetic Key Chain Clipped On Pocket
Horween Magnetic Key Chain On Fridge

Magnetic Horween Leather Keychain

A keychain with many uses. This keychain has two strong magnets, which close together to create a loop. This clasp works great when attaching keys to the outside of a purse, pocket, around a belt, on a magnetic surface like a refrigerator, etc. 

Each keychain is made one at a time, by hand. We saddle stitch each keychain by hand for durability. The edges are burnished with a mixture of waxes for a smooth edge.

Your choice of four color options:

  • Chromexcel color #25 with Cream thread
  • Chromexcel color #25 with Brown thread
  • English Tan Dublin with Colonial Tan thread
  • Black Dublin with Space Grey thread

We use only the finest materials. All leather is from Horween Leather in Chicago, IL.

For more information on the leather we use please visit our leather info page.

Dimensions - Fully extended the keychain is about 7" long, folded about 4" long x 1" wide. 
Hardware is made of solid brass.
Grain & Hide logo branded on the front of the keychain.

Note that each keychain will have it's own unique look which may include natural marks in the leather. These may include branding marks, bug bites, scratches from barbed wire, etc. We believe these marks show character.

Disclaimer: Neodymium magnets can erase information from credit cards. However, we have tested this keychain along side many credit card and gift card types for over six months. We have never had any problems with credit cards. We have had one fast food gift card get erased, which was still usable by entering the number manually. 

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